Author: nourishingnena

Attitude of gratitude

Gratitude is a beautiful thing. It can put life into perspective, act as an expression of love, and also raise your vibe. Before watching the documentary “The Secret,” I had no idea how the energy I was putting out into the world had become a direct reflection of my life. I considered myself grateful but

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Positive mind, positive life

About a year and a half ago I hit my lowest point. I was dealing with the emotions of a breakup in an unhealthy way. Instead of solving my problems I chose alcohol and drugs to numb my pain. I liked to pretend that it was a normal coping mechanism but deep down I knew

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How to label your life healthy

Learning how to read a food label can be a helpful tool, especially for college women. When you buy convenience food on the go, which can be high in sugar, fat, and sodium, you can use your food label knowledge to make healthier choices. The healthy choices you make today will add up over time

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